Why use someone else’s cloud if you can have your own? Take control
    A specialist dedicated to assist you immediately under any requirement. No more waiting time!
    Don't feel like you are just a number, get the Premium service that you deserve


We are a Hosted Private Cloud provider based on Ubuntu Openstack.
Our mission is to foster greater peace of mind through the best technology and the highest level of service.
Why oclud?

You are always in control

Adjust the resources dynamically when needed, we own state of the art technology to go to Terabytes of RAM, Petabytes of storage and hundreds processors.

Cloud Concierge

Your concierge will give you the personal attention you deserve without paying more. He will always be ready to help you, immediately. He’ll be pleased to guide you throughout the design process and every step after.

Openstack Powered by Ubuntu

Feel safe from the hardware, kernel, hypervisor, OS and OpenStack, we have the best support SLA in PCaaS market. 55% of OpenStack installations in the whole world couldn't be wrong, they choose Ubuntu!

Full High Availability

Redundant switches, redundant controllers, redundant neutron gateways, centralized storage with 3 replicas.

Don’t worry about the infrastructure, that’s our job

Fully monitoring of capacity and performance, including proactive alerts system and growing number of checkpoints. Enterprise grade SLA We have over 13 years of experience providing hosted solutions, we have the knowledge, the expertise and the technology required to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your project.

Cloud concierge

You've heard the phrase: "You are number N in the queue, Your Call is Important to us, 24 Hours Response times, thanks for your patience, please stay online ..." .
We are sure that you hate to hear that as much as we do. So, why keep waiting?

Being a Cloud Provider Boutique our ​​priority is to offer a superior quality of service, giving you the premium attention you deserve.

Keeping this in mind, arises the concept of Cloud Concierge, a qualified person whose function is to be your tech assistant, helping you in all the phases from the
design and implementation phase of your private cloud up to the moment of making any adjustment in the resources or resolving a problem.

Your Cloud Concierge will give you the immediate attention you need each time you need without queues or waiting times tickets

  • "The best technology infrastructure is the one that remains completely invisible and seamless."Anthony W. Chow

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