Hosted Private Cloud

  Why use someone else’s cloud if you can have your own, take control, you put the rules and we make it work. Your business is unique therefore has different needs. Public Cloud is like living in a world with just a few shoes sizes, and you don't want to use the wrong size all your life. 

About Ubuntu Boot stack

Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for Open Stack. There’s no faster or more reliable way to build an enterprise-scale cloud, from provisioning to deployment and management.

Complete control

We build your cloud according to your needs and manage it and your team get access to every tool and every machine. Operations can be transfer to you on demand.

Zero investment.

You don’t have to hire a team of experts or commit upfront investment. Your cloud is built to your specifications in a simple and predictable operational costs.

Guaranteed availability

Datacenter + Ubuntu expertise, based on the management of hundreds of clouds, is backed up by a clear SLA.

 OCLUD advantages

2 X Support levels, Cloud Concierge ® + Ubuntu Cloud Stack Support

Redundant switches, redundant controllers, redundant neutron gateways, centralized storage with 3 replicas

2 X free floating IPv4, 64 Ips

4 X Storage, 8Tb per Metal Node

2 X memory, 256Gb RAM per Metal Node

4 X IOPS per Metal Node

Proactive alerts system and growing number of checkpoints

All Inclusive Bandwidth, free 100 Megabytes port

Only Top Brands on Metal Nodes

Free Gigabit Intranet

Your applications, your rules, your cloud.